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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Summer Memories

While trawling through thousands of pictures on the laptop (of which we have printed about 20!), I found this image of Scarlett at her best friend's Teddy Bears picnic party. This dress is from H&M and has been worn countless times over the summer. A typically British Summer - hence the tights worn in July! We love the dress and it comes with matching knickers!

New Bunnies!

Here are some new (mocked up) cushion designs, featuring our Bunny motif! Available in either one large or three baby bunnies. These are a bit of a favourite at Lettie Belle HQ, and various visitors already have their eye on them!

Please excuse basic photos, just wanted to give a little preview! More cushion designs on the way, to compliment our canvas designs. All new pieces will soon be in our online shop at www.lettiebelle.com! X

Monday, 30 August 2010

Beautiful English Countryside

After a week of poorly, teething, insomniac baby madness, it was a breath of fresh air to go for a very long walk on the Ashridge Estate. This is the Chilterns, not far from where we live and very beautiful!

Although I visited frequently as a child, the exact route proved to be a slight issue! We drove through driving rain, and actually the delay meant that the rain had passed when we arrived. There are lots of different walks and a fabulous outdoor cafe serving delicious home-made food.

We even spotted some of the Estate's deer running through the trees. Scarlett sported her new butterfly emblazoned raincoat, however she doesn't yet have any wellies. She ran about and rode in her pushchair, screaming with delight at every one of the numerous dogs we spotted!

Ashridge is a very beautiful place, particularly in Autumn. Dig out the old wellies and visit!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Wedding Anniversary Owlets

As an alternative to making a wedding anniversary card for my husband, I decided to make a little canvas instead. These happy owlets are noting our wedding date, and need a wall to live on.....

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Scarlett's Crib

Here are some pictures of Scarlett's nursery. It was much tidier before she could walk, but that goes for the whole house really! Our house is mostly boring magnolia with art work and photos brightening the walls (we are planning Osbourne & Little wallpaper).However, we decided to get the colour going in the nursery.

Having trained at Chelsea College of Art in Textile design, I'm not afraid of clashing colours! My Eternal Lace pieces hang from the light, and I made most of the other artwork. Butterflies evolved as a theme in the form of decals and feather butterflies hanging from the wall. The hanging ones entertained Scarlett while changing her nappies when tiny. A bit of handy Ikea furniture holds some of her toys, books and random objects. Obviously she has a co-ordinating Lettie Belle Flutter piece in there too.

The rocking chair was salvaged from Grandparents shed, sanded down and painted. This was achieved mostly be me while very pregnant, and then my husband when I gave up! I had to include a picture of the fab Lego storage boxes just outside the nursery. These are fab, though Scarlett does love carrying them about!

I think she loves her bedroom and spends lots of time playing, chatting to her bunnies in there and pointing at the various decorations.....

Monday, 23 August 2010

Mini-cushion Design Preview!

We are very busy here at Lettie Belle HQ, designing and making new products!Here are a couple of cushion designs which will soon be on the website. The actual cushion covers will be made in organic fabric. The motifs are in felt with leather details, finished with handstitching.

A few designs will co-ordinate with each canvas motif, so lots of styling opportunities for nurseries and bedrooms!

The cushions are 9"x11" or 10"x10" in size. These are perfect for adorning shelves, rocking chairs, armchairs.........X

Wednesday, 11 August 2010


We are very busy here at Lettie Belle HQ, putting ideas into design and creating lovely products! Here is a little look at one of our new Owlets in brooch form. She will also be appearing on wall art, cushions and bunting!

Lots more new designs on the way!


Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Down On The Farm

We recently had a little family day out at Willows Farm. This is a very popular local farm, which many a friend had recommended me to visit! Although at 13 months Scarlett is a little young to appreciate everything, there is plenty to keep kids entertained for a whole day!

There are several play areas, indoor and outdoor, cafe, gift shop, farm shop and of course animals! Scarlett loved the piglets, reindeer, goats and especially the owls and birds of prey. She even stroked a ferret called Sally! A trip through the enchanted fairy woods on Tristan the Runaway Tractor, almost caused Scarlett to leap from the trailer in excitement.

There were plenty of animals to inspire future Lettie Belle designs...alpacas anyone?