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Lettie Belle
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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Henry Moore at Hatfield House

We are lucky to live a 5 minute drive away from spectacular Hatfield House. With it's huge park land, beautiful gardens and newly added farm and adventure playground, it's the perfect place for a family day out. At the moment, until September 18, it also houses a collection of Henry Moore sculptures.

The sculptures are spread out around the gardens, it's a real pleasure to wander around, discovering each piece. The house is also open to visit and holds many paintings of Elizabeth I, well worth looking around. The surrounding gardens are beautiful, and the Holly Walk is perfect for a gentle stroll, or mad running, depending on who you came with!

On Sunday we took a picnic and spent the day exploring. The farm is full of old breed animals and opportunities for the children to feed them. A couple of sandpits with play diggers were also very popular. Though Scarlett thought she was walking in sugar?! The adventure playground has a zip side and a replica of the main house to play in, among other attractions.

We also indulged in a cake and tea from the lovely restaurant. A cluster of gorgeous shops distracted me slightly, filled with handmade designs.

I also returned yesterday with my mum and Scarlett, and we had another fabulous day in the sunshine!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Abigail Brown's Beautiful Creatures

I absolutely love these pieces, especially the flamingo and owls! Abigail Brown is a very talented illustrator and maker. Her birds seem to be illustrations which have come alive! Created using scraps of fabric which Abigail collects, each is finished with tiny hand stitches.
Abigail works from a studio at Cockpit Arts and her creations are much loved around the world.

Visit her website at www.abigail-brown.co.uk to be enchanted.....