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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Scarlett's Crib

Here are some pictures of Scarlett's nursery. It was much tidier before she could walk, but that goes for the whole house really! Our house is mostly boring magnolia with art work and photos brightening the walls (we are planning Osbourne & Little wallpaper).However, we decided to get the colour going in the nursery.

Having trained at Chelsea College of Art in Textile design, I'm not afraid of clashing colours! My Eternal Lace pieces hang from the light, and I made most of the other artwork. Butterflies evolved as a theme in the form of decals and feather butterflies hanging from the wall. The hanging ones entertained Scarlett while changing her nappies when tiny. A bit of handy Ikea furniture holds some of her toys, books and random objects. Obviously she has a co-ordinating Lettie Belle Flutter piece in there too.

The rocking chair was salvaged from Grandparents shed, sanded down and painted. This was achieved mostly be me while very pregnant, and then my husband when I gave up! I had to include a picture of the fab Lego storage boxes just outside the nursery. These are fab, though Scarlett does love carrying them about!

I think she loves her bedroom and spends lots of time playing, chatting to her bunnies in there and pointing at the various decorations.....