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Monday, 30 August 2010

Beautiful English Countryside

After a week of poorly, teething, insomniac baby madness, it was a breath of fresh air to go for a very long walk on the Ashridge Estate. This is the Chilterns, not far from where we live and very beautiful!

Although I visited frequently as a child, the exact route proved to be a slight issue! We drove through driving rain, and actually the delay meant that the rain had passed when we arrived. There are lots of different walks and a fabulous outdoor cafe serving delicious home-made food.

We even spotted some of the Estate's deer running through the trees. Scarlett sported her new butterfly emblazoned raincoat, however she doesn't yet have any wellies. She ran about and rode in her pushchair, screaming with delight at every one of the numerous dogs we spotted!

Ashridge is a very beautiful place, particularly in Autumn. Dig out the old wellies and visit!