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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

All Mapped Out

Apologies for the lack of posts recently! Lettie Belle HQ has been super busy creating new products......more about that coming soon.

In between mummying and designing, I have been looking out for lovely items for the house. It's at that toddler take-over stage, and needs some new finishing touches!

I love these map prints, made from amazing original paper cut-outs. I have the just the wall spaces for London and Paris......which the toddler cannot reach!

City Map Prints, A2, £35 each (unframed, www.famillesummerbelle.com

Monday, 7 March 2011

Take A Seat

I have been having a look for chairs for little ones for a while. Scarlett insists on standing 1 cm from the TV when watching Cbeebies, so I thought her own chair might encourage her to sit further away!

Here are my favourites.....some are more aspirational than realistic purchases in this house!

Roflydd Rocking Chair, Ikea, £30.63
Kritter Children's Chair, Ikea, £10.20
Ball Chair, Grey, Bodie and Fou.com, £144
Little Chester Mini Chair, Silver, Dotmaison.com, £169
Kartell Lou Lou Ghost Chairs, nest.co.uk, £66 each
Offi Rockabye Storage Rocker, nest.co.uk, £263.87
Magis Dodo Rocking bird, nest.co.uk, £132
Offi Mini-drawer Chair, nest.co.uk, £199.28