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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Book Worms

As my parents were both teachers, I grew up surrounded by hundreds of books. My Mum ensured that I read lots of classics when I started secondary school, and I was happy to do so, having loved reading since I was tiny!

Books make me feel safe and at home. My Father always wrote the date in a new book and a note with his fountain pen. This is something I still do when giving as a gift. Books are such a comforting link to the past for me, and I treasure those from my childhood. I hope Scarlett feels the same when she is older.

Being in a modern house, there doesn't seem to be much space for proper sized bookcases in the living room. I have however made sure there are books of some sort in each room. These are often piled up or stacked in a handy Ikea creation.

I think reading material says a lot about a person, I've photographed various collections in the house: my husband favours Sci-fi and cooking/food books, Scarlett loves anything featuring animals and I collect fashion/textile and Asterix books, and love so many different genres....

In case you are wondering, I'm reading the final Harry Potter at the moment, just don't tell Mum....