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Lettie Belle
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Monday, 7 March 2011

Take A Seat

I have been having a look for chairs for little ones for a while. Scarlett insists on standing 1 cm from the TV when watching Cbeebies, so I thought her own chair might encourage her to sit further away!

Here are my favourites.....some are more aspirational than realistic purchases in this house!

Roflydd Rocking Chair, Ikea, £30.63
Kritter Children's Chair, Ikea, £10.20
Ball Chair, Grey, Bodie and Fou.com, £144
Little Chester Mini Chair, Silver, Dotmaison.com, £169
Kartell Lou Lou Ghost Chairs, nest.co.uk, £66 each
Offi Rockabye Storage Rocker, nest.co.uk, £263.87
Magis Dodo Rocking bird, nest.co.uk, £132
Offi Mini-drawer Chair, nest.co.uk, £199.28