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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Introducing Transformation Thursday.....The Playroom

'Transformation Thursday' is a new series which will show how we've changed areas in our new house, as we go along. The title may be a touch dramatic, as it's pretty much cosmetic at this stage! This property is a long term project, with a renovation and extension planned for a couple of years time. It needs a complete rewire, bathroom and kitchen to begin with. Having been previously owned by an elderly couple, it hasn't been decorated for about 30 years, though was kept very clean. They clearly loved to make a statement (!) with the interior, and the DIY is pretty scary in places. I will be posting some snapshots of bizarrely placed light switches among other DIY delights, that have to be seen to be believed! We love this house and the feel of it, as do the children and it already feels like home. Below is a look at the room we turned into a playroom. The before pictures were taken when we came to measure up, just before completion. The feature fireplace was pretty incredible, so we ripped that out for Scrappy Frank to dispose of (as well as two other fireplaces).We stripped the wall paper and painted the walls white. This made a huge initial difference, making it feel light and airy. I wanted the play room to be a place for the girls to play, imagine, read, make a huge mess, relax and just be themselves. I have filled it with their favourite things, and made sure there is plenty of storage for easy tidying up. The wooden shelves were already there, and are actually fantastic for displaying drawings, nature finds and little treasures. I often end up in there sewing in the early hours of the morning, very cosy! There is an interview with me by the fantastic Maggie Westhead on her blog Chic Little Baby here, all about this room..... Before Chic Little Baby