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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Transformation Thursday-Dining Room Progress

Here's a look at the middle of our three, downstairs reception rooms. When we bought the house, all these rooms were wallpapered 1980s style. They were very dark, and were even more so when we first viewed the property. The previous owner had very dark furniture, which didn't help! There were 3 large, clad, gas fireplaces. We ripped these out immediately. The middle room also had a funny alcove which is now conveniently covered by a huge mirror. There were also some (dodgy DIY) lights, in between which we put the bookshelf. Having removed them, we've left this arrangement as it seems to work for the space.

 Upon taking the old carpet up, we found more parquet. This created a nice flow between the living and dining room. We've kept the folding doors for the moment, but always have them open. These rooms are beginning to come together now, though are still works in progress. The inside patio doors are not exactly aesthetically pleasing, but keep the cold out from extension, and will stay until renovation time. The vertical pipes aren't my favourite feature, but again will be removed in time.

The long term plan on this side of the house involves knocking the playroom down, and rebuilding with an extra room at the back, and on first floor. The Ikea shelving in the dining room brings together all our books, and some treasures. I thing the brightly coloured drawers are effective, and there are several to choose from. I love to seek out pieces by favourite fellow designer/makers, it's great knowing seriously talented people! Lots of finishing touches needed, but hopefully you'll agree, not bad for 8 weeks after moving.







Bookshelf , £75 and drawers, £18, Ikea
Cat rug, Achica
Alice In Wonderland Print, £39.99, Spineless Classics
Fox Cushion, Lettie Belle

Jumping Fox relief print, Hello Hello DODO