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Lettie Belle
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Monday, 24 January 2011

What I've been up to....

This blog has been very neglected for the last week or so. This is due to working on a project for a museum in Australia. It is a dress made using my 'Eternal Lace', which is a hand stitched lace created entirely from waste plastic bags. This project has taken over my life, (as well as others!) for weeks and weeks.

I developed this lace 5 years ago during an MA at Chelsea College of Art & Design. I have pieces in a couple of Museum collections, and have taken part in many exhibitions and selling shows as well as commercial work. This last piece is likely to be the last I make for a while, as I am now concentrating on Lettie Belle.

My lace work is technically interesting to have developed and to make, however takes a very long time. Time, as all parents will know is hard to come by with a toddler at home! The technique is also hard on the eye sight and fingers. I have learnt a lot in the last few years, such as the do's and don'ts of working for oneself. I feel that Lettie Belle is starting really well, and is a new phase in my design life.

I plan to make more lace work, for specific projects such as this one- but to no longer create collections. This dress will be in an exhibition in Sydney this summer. Now, it's fingers crossed that the parcel makes it there on time.
Bon voyage!Normal blog ramblings will now resume......

Have a look at more of my work at http://www.lauramarsden.com

ps, I know the model (my sister) is lacking hands in one of the pics, it is to demonstrate her as a mannequin, which is how dress will be exhibited!