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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Knitting Pattern Loveliness

These vintage knitting patterns are truly delightful! I must confess that I cannot actually knit, though I covet the 1950s style of these covers. They would be perfect framed in a nursery.....and maybe I'll learn to knit, one day.
Here is one of Scarlett's first booties, knitted by a dear family friend. They were finished even before we'd chosen a name - very appropriate colour!

Knitted Rabbit Family Knitting Pattern,www.theretroknittingcompany.co.uk
Templetons, knitted rabbit, doll & teddy Pattern,www.theretroknittingcompany.co.uk
Monarch Knitting Pattern, £5, www.ioffer.com
Nomotta Knitting Pattern, £5, www.ioffer.com