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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Hurry Up And Wait

This year has been relentless, full of changes, and a couple of unexpected twists and turns. Nothing good comes easy, as the saying goes, and this year has definitely proved that!

I was worried that two house moves in quick succession (first was to my mum's between house sale, and purchase) would be very unsettling for Scarlett (4). Especially as we moved in two days before her first day in Reception. She has adapted brilliantly and loves our new house, neighbourhood and school. This was helped greatly by being at the school's nursery (we got the bus everyday when living 6 miles away) and my Mum living up the road.

In nursery Scarlett didn't have any interest in writing her name,or any other words! It seemed to be a confidence issue. I encouraged, but didn't want to pressure her. She was only 3, and with a late June Birthday one of the younger ones!! I was more bothered about her getting on ok socially and making friends. 

Even in September she didn't want to write anything at home, but I knew she was practising at school. She does her 'S' backwards, but can write her name now, as well as sentences.She loves reading, and picking out words on signs etc.

On Sunday I found her sat at the table, writing Christmas cards to her class! It was a moment of absolute pride and joy that she had chosen to do it. We did them together, and even drew a picture for each one to put in the card. She still has a fair few to go! 

It reminded me that all this pressure on 4 year olds to do homework, read and write means nothing, until they choose to do it. It's so important not to put them off and make it fun. The work/life balance conundrum really does start young these days.

Scarlett started swimming and ballet in September. I was concerned it might all be too much, but again, she is trying her very best at both, and improving at swimming every week. Most importantly she enjoys both greatly. Her ballet class is filled with friends, and is another highlight of the week! 

I'm so proud of her throwing herself into everything she does, yet taking it all in her stride! I must however mention the tiredness, oh the tiredness which has resulted in some pretty bad behaviour. We've improved that with strict early bedtimes in the week, and limiting play dates. Along with new skills, school also seems to bring a wealth of attitude. Still, I'm focussing on the achievements and hoping everything else is a 'phase'!

All the changes were well worth it, though I'm hoping for a more sedate year 
in 2014.....fat chance, but never a dull moment.