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Monday, 30 December 2013


Isla, or Isla Boo as we call her in the family is now 18 months old. When she was born, Scarlett had a hard time accepting her, the noise seemed to horrify her! Once Scarlett started Nursery a year ago, their relationship became a bit easier. 

They are both extremely head strong, which inevitably leads to big rows, usually started by Isla. As can only say a few words, she expresses herself with the odd slap if frustrated. She has a much thicker skin than Scarlett, and gets cross, and moves onto the next quickly. Scarlett on the other hand is very sensitive and cries quite easily. 

Many of Scarlett's school friends think Isla is cute and funny, which seems to have shown Isla to her in a different light. They often wrestle on the floor, while laughing their heads off, so I leave them to it (as long as it remains a game!).

In the last couple of weeks, we've noticed their relationship has changed, and a proper friendship is blossoming. 

Being at home for the Christmas break means Isla and Scarlett are spending a lot of time together! Rather than annoy each other, they are playing together properly and (gasp) Scarlett is sharing toys willingly and even helping Isla. She's also telling Isla she's proud of her, which is very sweet.
For some siblings these might be givens, but this is a big step forward here.

These two little people with huge personalities, amaze me every day.....one way or another!